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  • Welcome to the Blogs of San Francisco

    This blog is a new thing for me: I’ve been running a photoblog (The Dogs of San Francisco) for four years now, but it’s light on the writing and deliberately empty of all content save that which is adorable-animal-related. In particular, I carefully avoid all political discussion, because cute animals know no political affiliation, and I don’t want anyone avoiding my blog due to my politics, which are admittedly not popular even in San Francisco, and would probably get me shot in a lot of areas of the country.

    But I wanted to actually write about stuff: share my viewpoint on politics and other things, share some discoveries I’ve made, share tips on saving money, and even some programming and such. And I was sort of hoping to get some other people to occasionally contribute something.

    So consider this an experiment. Maybe follow it, to see how long it takes me to implode. Or see how many people I can cadge into writing for it occasionally. Or see how long it takes me to write my first article about dogs.