Econ 101: The Economing

I have finally decided to take economics 101. Well, that’s actually a lie… I decided to take it about twenty years ago. But this time I actually registered to take it, and then I actually started attending it. It’s 8 AM to 9:30 AM every morning, and it’s directly on my jog to work, so I was pretty sure I wasn’t going to find a better opportunity barring suddenly becoming wealthy enough to retire and travel around the world on my own private yacht with an econ tutor. Which probably wouldn’t be an efficient allocation of resources anyway, so.

The nice thing about this is that when I make a pronouncement about economics, it will probably be at least a tiny bit more informed than it was when my only source of knowledge is some desperate attempts to understand Brad DeLong (who once posted a picture from my other blog, The Dogs of San Francisco, although he took it down before I even noticed!), Paul Krugman, and the inimitable Mark Thoma and everyone he links to, without any more background than 30 seconds on Wikipedia can provide. The not as nice thing about this is that I am probably more likely to make pronouncements about economics in the future. Oh well, you win some, you die alone and unloved in a tarpaper shack up to your ankles in sewage, which incidentally is the name of my new punk band.

So anyway. I am going to post some observations about Econ 101 as I take it. I say this knowing that I might be implicitly lying here, because it might well be that the only set of observations I actually post about Econ 101 will be the one I post tonight. But hey, I’m going to try.